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Real Estate and Strata Plumbing Services


Real Estate and Strata Plumbing Sydney

Looking for prompt, reliable, around the clock plumbing team to service your properties? Silverwater Plumbing is your one-stop-shop for your real estate and strata plumbing requirements.

With decades of combined experience in real estate and strata plumbing, we have fully licensed and qualified plumbers, drainers and gas fitters on hand when you need them. We get the job done right the first time.

All Real Estate and Strata Plumbing Services


Rely on Silverwater Plumbing for all your plumbing and gas service needs:


  •     Emergency plumbing
  •     General plumbing: taps, toilets, sinks, showers, baths and burst pipes
  •     Hot water system servicing, repairs and installations - all brands and types (electric, solar, gas and heat pump)
  •     Plumbing maintenance services for strata title properties
  •     Water efficiency assessments for residential and investment properties

Our plumbing technicians are committed to delivering professional services and superior standards of workmanship that’s on time and within budget.

Our professional team


Our team members are professionally presented in Silverwater Plumbing uniforms with branded shirts for easy identification.

Our staff has been carefully screened and regularly undertake OH&S training to meet workplace safety requirements.

Constant training ensures our team delivers best practice workmanship.

See the Silverwater Plumbing vehicle fleet


You can’t miss a Silverwater Plumbing vehicle. Our well-equipped vehicles are clearly branded and well-maintained so it’s easy for you to spot them! They’re armed with the essential tools, plus the ones needed for bigger, more urgent jobs.

Every vehicle in our fleet has advanced vehicle tracking technology onboard. We track our vehicles in real-time so we can accurately advise you on arrival times. Better still, if you have an emergency, the closest Silverwater Plumbing vehicle can be at your place in no time!
Superior business efficiencies to take your dollars further

Using sophisticated customer management software we seamlessly assign, monitor and schedule tasks in real-time. This means better value for your time and more information about your job at your fingertips (and ours!).

Silverwater Plumbing customer management software allows us to:

  •     Generate job orders, quotes and invoices
  •     Electronically capture work notes, task descriptions, material requirements and labour
  •     Complete OH&S requirements, upload images and receive important documentation
  •     View previous jobs and job histories
  •     Create automated maintenance programs.

Documented procedures for your peace of mind

With documented procedures across our business we ensure all workflow procedures, policies and Australian standards are met.

Staff members receive detailed documentation to ensure efficient workflows are maintained. All procedures are updated regularly to ensure compliance with industry standards.

Silverwater Plumbing technicians are required to carry:

  •     Hat Packs detailing technicians’ roles and responsibilities
  •     Company Policies and OH&S Procedures
  •     Job and Pricing Information.   

For projects completed safely, and reliably every time, Choose the trusted team at Silverwater Plumbing for your strata and real estate plumbing needs.

“Outstanding plumbing services delivered with quality and professional workmanship”

We are proud to be a handful of plumbers implementing externally monitored, safety, quality and environmental policy and procedures in our business.

Call us today on (02) 90995759


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